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If there is one area where having outside advice and assistance is key, it is the transition to full offshore operations. This process can last from three to six months and is intended to eliminate the roadblocks and bumps an organization will inevitably face as it executes an offshore strategy.

If the proper structural and project management framework – along with a certain amount of process reengineering – is not instituted from the beginning, your offshore experience will be built on an inefficient base, and savings will be pushed further into the future or even eliminated.

SHOREO experts have navigated the offshore experience through various engagements. During transition, they focus on key delivery principles and take decisive actions to ensure executive-level objectives are fulfilled.

Amongst the key factors to consider for successful transition management:

  • Continuous monitoring of budget, planning, metrics, scope, and issues
  • Techniques of project management for seamless transition to offshore outsourcing
  • Experience in dealing with offshore suppliers
  • Understanding of long-term offshore outsourcing objectives
  • Attentiveness to typical pitfalls