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Even if services globalization fits well into a corporate strategy, many companies are not prepared to execute. They need to consider several issues before entering into outsourcing relationship.

As a buyer, a company should first have a clear strategic understanding of both its current capabilities and the capabilities that it will need in the future. Only after such introspection can it decide what it hopes to gain from outsourcing. Next, the buyer must decide what form of relationship with suppliers will be the most appropriate. Is an arm’s-length contract adequate? Should it invest equity in a partnership or rely on less risky and constraining forms of cooperative agreements? Finally, the buyer must select suppliers.

SHOREO provides companies with technical solutions at all steps of their offshore journey:
  • Goals refinement and choice of ownership model. Through well-designed collaborative workshops and the provision of conclusive business cases, we help clients shape their sourcing strategy.
  • RFP and due diligence. By analyzing broad selection criteria, including information on vendor’s past performance and accomplishments, we help clients make decisive choices.
  • Transformation map and maturity index. With SHOREO’s approach, clients reduce their “assessment-to-launch” timeline and continuously monitor the maturity of their relationships with suppliers.