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Disregard the nature of contractual relationships between a client and his suppliers, higher complexity always surfaces from an organization in distributed delivery mode. Problems related to different work dimensions (geographical, temporal, socio-cultural, organizational, technological, knowledge, etc.) make delivery management more difficult and increase operational risks.

In SHOREO approach, we look at service globalization as the conjunction of centrifugal forces (coordination breakdown, loss of communication richness, geographic dispersion, cultural difference, and loss of “teamness”) that propel things outwards from the center, which must be balanced by centripetal counter forces (telecomm infrastructure, team building, managerial techniques, formal processes, front/back office organization, etc.), directed to the center.

SHOREO consultants thus help clients evaluate centrifugal forces and build a “centripetal” delivery model. They assist both clients and suppliers to invest in relationship-specific assets (collaborative tools, knowledge center, technological frameworks, etc.) and setup appropriate governance structures, guaranteeing a “see-through” supply chain and a greater coordination of services.