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As many managers are implicated in services globalization, it is crucial they explore together opportunities outside their area of expertise, identifying a whole range of vantage points and perspectives for outsourcing, and establishing an enlarged but common vision on the subject. Only then can they formulate collective Goals and performance specifications for an optimal sourcing solution aligned with corporate objectives.

Shifting to the Strategy level, managers explore different solutions in regards to key factors of outsourcing (ownership, portfolio, delivery model, financials, etc.), from no risk options to the most challenging ones. Solutions may undergo continuous reworking, leading to iterative redefinition of goals, until the strongest strategy emerges. At this stage, key decisions are made and buy-in is gained from all stakeholders.

At Operations level, strategy is turned into action steps. Managers design components of the solution as well as the action plans to implement them. Suppliers selection, contracts, definition of outsourcing waves, design of distributed delivery processes, transitioning are amongst the key subjects addressed at this stage.