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A good cost analysis of outsourcing requires a well-articulated comparison that includes the assessment of direct financial impacts on all parts of the organization.
As there may be trade-offs between lower costs and better performance, it is also important to evaluate the benefits of improved performance as well as the possible hidden costs that may result from outsourcing.
The potential for strategic risks, such as the loss of critical skills or loss of control over a supplier, is the third panel of the economic triptych that should be addressed.

At SHOREO, we are well-equipped to give our clients a 360° economic watch, with a consistent filiation between initial business plans and periodic measures of “Total Cost of Outsourcing”.

SHOREO’s cost calculation model comprises a large range of measurements covering all aspects of the economic triptych:
  • Business plan and ROI studies. By displaying problems in an accessible manner, we help our clients make decisions and align stakeholders on common and measureable objectives
  • TCO follow-up and financial reporting. By enabling clients to scrutinize their engagement in great details, we help them drive their relationships with suppliers with a deep and prospective outlook
  • Risk management. By executing early due diligence and ensuring persistent control over deliveries, we help customers identify and neutralize risks from contractual and operational perspectives.