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SHOREO’s opportunity assessment model combines two complementary examination axes: outsourceable “Access to services” and outsourceable “Assets”.

Access to services represents the way transactions between providers and users are organized. As organizations have limited senior management time and financial resources to invest in maintaining efficient performance, they outsource activities that can be more effectively performed externally. Outsourcing offers a spectrum of contracting options, which ranges from pure external solution to fully integrated organization where both the parties are under unified ownership and control.

The optimal governance structure, or how far one should move towards externalized services, depends on the characteristics of the transactions involved. Therefore, our assessment focuses on transactions’ specificities, and contracts are tailored to manage the terms of relationship rather than the scope of work.

In contrast, when focusing on Assets, organizations narrowly identify the activities that are non-core, and thus determine which competencies should be outsourced. In this approach, we set efforts on the definition, evaluation and final scoring of “non-core” criteria. The resulting contracts mainly focus on scope of work and on suppliers’ commitments.