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Once a client and a supplier have decided to enter into an outsourced offshore relationship, managers should take actions that increase the chances of success and ensure contractual compliance:
  • Good contract governance with periodic reviews is important and will preempt issues relating to questions on areas of responsibility, work processes, or performing delivery
  • Formal contract should be thought of as a framework for less-formal interactions between the two organizations
  • Parties should be willing to make changes to their organizational forms that will enhance the benefits of investment in relationship-specific assets
At SHOREO, our consultants bring in liaison skills and practices that help overcome disputes and conflicting goals
  • They apply the terms of the contract from the beginning. Especially, they transcribe legal terms into a comprehensive project documentation applicable to all stakeholders
  • They build ad-hoc communication plan and promote individuals loyalty and collaborative approach
  • They set up consistent compliance meetings as regular check points, with report on both contractual changes and benefits from tailored relationship