Information is the difference that makes a difference
Titre Shoreo community How many times have you found yourself fully immersed in an organization, tackling serious problems, and realizing too late that you had been treating only the symptoms?

Too often we seek for changes assuming we all share the same vision, and realize later that we had very little common understanding to begin with.

These kinds of situations underscore the need to “think the problem” that you are trying to solve. See more...

Titre Shoreo case study LivreOutsourcing PeopleSoft support and maintenance services.

This case study is a familiar one. It outlines the benefits that can be expected from outsourced services by middle size organizations with a rather small ERP support team.

It also highlights the obstacles that we often encounter on the way to outsourcing and shows how these can be overcome. See more...

Beyond the scene

Bucharest. 26/07/2013. Merger of Shoreo Romania and RINF in Romania.

After two years of fruitful collaboration with RINF, Shoreo Romania has been transfered to RINF (

See details on the announcement.