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The embedded software industry is continuously growing, solutions are globally deployed and many OEM and Tier 1's have adopted multi-country development programs. But they have to cope with local resource shortages.

At Shoreo, we endeavour ourselves to propose highly flexible solutions in regards of resources management, enabling quick ramp-up and ramp-down for optimized budget control.

Our embedded technology solutions address tree major product industries: automotive electronics, mobile phone and digital media.

Automotive Electronics

  • Embedded C, C++, ...
  • NOS Components
  • CAT-CAM Modelling
  • Infotainment

Mobile Phone Applications

  • Blackberry - Symbian
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

Digital Media Solutions

  • Triple Play Services
  • Quad Play with Mobile TV
  • Live TV / VOD
  • Voice & Music over IP